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How it works:

BUY. Rounds On Me is the new way to send a gift to a friend, colleague or loved one when you can't be there to celebrate with them.

RECEIVE. Do you have a special occasion coming up? Make sure your friends can treat you to a gift even if they can't make it.

EVENTS. Rounds on Me will help you locate the most exclusive events in your area. Pick and choose the ones that really suit you.

OFFERS. Search for the latest deals in town, be the first to know about exclusive offers and share and celebrate with friends.



ICE BREAKER. Send a drink to that special person that you just saw in the bar and start a chat! or if you're lucky you may receive one! Just check into a venue and see the other users that have also checked in.

For privacy purposes the app won't continue with any chat, photos, or notifications once you have left the venue.

SPIN THE BOTTLE. Just spin the wheel of fortune everyday and you will be able to receive free drinks, gifts and information on exceptional deal.

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Rounds on Me utilises Global Payments to carry out purchases. Global Payments is a multi award winning payment provider, which is HSBC Bank plc’s preferred supplier for card processing in the UK. Global Payments is the sole owner of the information collected, so they are legally responsible as data controller for that personal information pursuant to applicable laws. No customer card details are collected within the app, but using a secure and reliable website from Global Payments.

Buying a gift

The cost of your purchase will be deducted from your credit/debit card once you make the purchase. However, if the other person doesn't redeem your drink within 28 days, the money will be sent back to you. Rounds on Me reserves a commission of 30p or 2% of your purchase, whichever greater.

Redeeming a gift

When someone sends you a gift, you receive a notification telling the person who invites you and the gift he/she invites. If you accept it, the money will be sent to your credit/debit card so you need to pay with your card the actual drink.

Joining Rounds on Me

Create an account and receive a gift is completely free and no charges are included. The payment method is a two steps transference: The money goes from the person who pays to Rounds on Me until the other person decides to accept or reject it. When accepting, Rounds on Me sends the money to that person. If the target user rejects the drink, the money goes back to the original user without the fee.


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